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auto accessories to protect the interior of your car

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The Legal and Personal Concerns That Come with Your Truck Bed

Many people don't know there are many laws regarding truck beds. The cargo area of a truck can hold any number of things, but there are regulations that dictate how you should use it. New truck owners and even those that have utilized trucks for years are often caught unawares by their local laws.

Legal Concerns Involving Truck Beds

The first thing you need to know is that truck bed regulations vary from state to state. If you regularly travel across a border, then you should become familiar with the truck bed laws of the other state as well as your own. In general, truck bed laws involve the following:

  • Cargo securement – You must secure your cargo. In fact, cargo securement is one of the only things involving truck beds that sometimes fall under federal guidelines as outlined by the FWS and the FMCSA. Although those are mostly for commercial vehicles, they're still a good place to start to learn how to properly secure loads.
  • How far up or out the load extends – Each state has regulations regarding how far up or out your load can extend. Extended loads, even properly secured ones, are a major safety hazard. They can also undermine the integrity of your vehicle's driving performance.
  • What you're transporting – Some things are flat out not allowed in your truck bed depending on where you are. Usually, it's small, loose materials like sand or gravel. Even with a proper tarp or other cover, many states simply do not allow you to transport certain things.

For all of these regulations and more, you should contact your state's transportation department. You're relatively okay with your day-to-day activities, but it's better to know than not know.

Personal Concerns Involving Truck Beds

Beyond the legalities associated with your truck bed, there are also the personal concerns.

  • Possible theft
  • Items falling out
  • Items vulnerable to the elements
  • The look of your truck
  • Truck bed insulation

These are all concerns that people with truck beds often have. The security issue is a large one since many truck beds sit open and accessible at all times. However, there is one good way that can satisfy most of your personal concerns and many of the legal ones as well.

Invest in a Truck Cap or Shell

Truck caps can do a whole lot for your vehicle. On the legal side, they allow you to cover the cargo while also forming a secure barrier for whatever it is. On the personal side, they can secure your cargo from theft and the weather. You can find a style to match your vehicle and give it an updated look and feel.

There are many truck bed sizes and styles, so it's best to deal with a truck accessories dealer like J & C Campers that has a wide selection and quality products. They can help you size, customize, and even install the truck cap that's right for your vehicle.