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auto accessories to protect the interior of your car

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Slay The Monsters That Lurk Under Bed Liners With A Spray Liner

The primary component in most truck beds is iron, which means your bed is highly prone to rust. To protect against this, manufacturers use a galvanization process and paint to protect your truck bed. As long as the paint stays intact, the manufacturer's protections should keep your bed safe, but if you get scratches that get through the paint and galvanized coating, your bed can start to rust. Drop in bed liners are supposed to protect your bed, but spray-on liners do a better job:

Problems with Drop-in Liners

Drop-in bed liners are not really designed to make a tight seal against your truck bed. Dust, debris, pebbles, chunks of wood, and other abrasive objects can get under your bed liner and shift around. As you use your truck bed, your walking around and hauling heavy loads can grind any foreign matter under your truck bed into the paint causing scratches. Water also can get under your bed and become trapped against the scratches. When water has access to bare iron, rust begins. Thus, the bed liner that you put in place to protect your truck bed can actually cause and hide the damage that can undermine the structural integrity of your truck bed and decrease resale value. 

A Better Option

The primary benefit of a drop-in liner is the fact that it is removable. Thus, if you want to sell your truck bed and your buyer wants to remove it, you can easily take it out. On the other hand, if you remove your truck bed and reveal scratches and rust, then what purpose has your bed liner served? A spray-on bed liner is not removable, but it makes an impregnable bond with your truck bed. As long as the liner itself is not scraped off, you never have to worry about scratches or rust. Which means you can haul whatever heavy abrasive loads you want and have perfect confidence that your truck bed will remain safe and intact. If you ever decide to sell your truck, a discerning buyer will know and appreciate the advantages of a spray-on liner and will not see the liner as an impediment to buying your truck. 

Of the two choices, the drop-in bed liner is typically less expensive, but a spray-on liner offers the better value. Choosing a spray-on liner may cost you more money, but because you get better protection for the money you spend, the higher price is worth it. 

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